What is NABIDH?

A great initiative by DHA


Dubai Health Authority has introduced NABIDH health information exchange platform. This will improve the overall quality of care for patients by unifying health records. This state of the art, completely secure platform enables physicians to access complete patient history even if the patient moves from one facility to another.

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What is NABIDH
What's in it for healthcare service providers?
Who needs to act, what to do to comply?
How Simplex HIMES can help?
Is it expensive?
Does it handle e-Claims, is there any change required to comply to NABIDH?
What information is shared with NABIDH portal?

NABIDH Connected and ready

SimplexHIMES has been connected and validated by NABIDH as the preferred cloud EMR in Dubai for Health Information Exchange between the service provider and NABIDH portal.

Whether your facility is a Multi-speciality Hospital or Clinic or Diagnostic Centre, Simplex HIMES platform can help manage your facility, enhance patient care and improve revenue stream. It is one software that can be configured to meet your expectations. From hundreds of features, customers are able to configure and customize their facility workflow requirements easily and quickly. Delivered over the cloud for small and medium facilities and installed on-premise for large facilities. Designed to meet not only NABIDH, but any regulatory requirements mandated by the government for health care systems in future. Interestingly it comes without any additional cost.

Advanced features, Easy to use

SimplexHIMES Platform means instant and seamless collaboration for your whole team. From start to finish, you’re working together better than ever before. It is Intuitive, Intelligent and Integrated Healthcare Management EcoSystem (HIMES).

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Trusted by over 200+ leading healthcare facilities in the Middle East.

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