Patient CD system (RIMAGE)

Moving from film
to CD, DVD & BluRay

Patient CD production Dicom Image Archiving Automated
operation Cost effective

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Professional MDD Disc Publishing System for
Patient Data Distribution

Patient CD recording & printing Query/Retrieve archived studies Off-line archiving to DVD/BD Upload Dicom CDs to PACS Retrieve images from PACS Easy operation

WEB based and touch screen intuitive user interfaces

Advanced customization

Print templates & workflow

Dicom & IHE PDI compliant


Anonymise studies on demand

Add reports from RIS to CD

Dicom Structured Reports HL7, HTML, C-Find, Database, UNC

Use any Dicom viewer

Most powerful system

The Rimage Professional 2400 is a compact, high-performance system for automatically burning and printing patient data to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs (BDs).

Value for Patients CD’s

Rimage’s permanent, thermal-retransfer printing—the same technology used to print credit cards— protects patient discs from water damage and general wear and tear.

Shorter Wait Times

Rimage systems burn and print faster than any other producers, so patients never have to wait for their personalized discs. Software makes it possible to extend the sleep time so that there is never issue of wakeup delay.

Competitive Advantage

Rimage CD-R media is guaranteed for 100 years, and DVD media for 50 years—patient data will be accessible and readable now and well into the future.

General Hardware Specifications

Control Center Included
Blu-ray Disc Support Yes(optional)
Network Ability Yes send patient CO from eny where on the network
Number of Recorders 2
Recorder Configurations 2 CD/DVD - Default configuration
1 CDTDVD / 1 81u-ray Disc - Optional configuration
2 Blu-ray Disc - Optional configuration
Printer Everest 400 - Thermal printing technology.
Input Bin Capacity 3 bins / 50 discs each configurable for input/output
External Output Bin Capacity 5 CD's (Never have to open the door)
Number of Different Media Types Supported Up to 3 types of media can be installed at any one time.